How to Ensure Happiness and Entertainment for your Cat

Evidently, your cat is good at amusing an entertaining themselves through their playful nature and short-lived activities. Unlike other pets, they require very little input from you regarding entertainment and stimulation. You can comfortably leave them at home alone without worrying about its source of entertainment.

Notably, your cat will spend most of its time sleeping with an average of 15 hours per day. This means that they will only be active for a small portion of the day making it easier for you to chip in with extra forms of entertainment, which will keep it stimulated and amused.

The Importance of Keeping Your Cat Happy and Entertained

1. To Lessen Hunting Behavior

When idle, they will look for activities which will keep them preoccupied. As you know, cats are predators hence they are naturally adopted to hunting. If they have unlimited access to an outdoor lifestyle, it will most probably end up hunting birds and mice when it is idle, to bury the boredom. After these hunting trips, they will be very dirty with a likelihood of bringing fleas to your house. The raw meat from their prey may also be unhealthy for them and can lead to extra medical expenses.

2. To Reduce Destructive Activities

Cats are known to be playful creatures with the ability to perfectly entertain themselves. To achieve this entertainment, they can embark on a destructive activities including scratching of expensive furniture. The inquisitive nature of your cat, alongside its prosperity to get into trouble are the two main factors behind its destructive nature. You, therefore, need to distract your cat using other forms of entertainment, if at all you wish to reduce these destructive activities.

3. To Keep Your Cat Healthy

When playing around with your cat, you will be helping it perform some physical activities, in an enjoyable manner. Physical activities are crucial to the health of your cat, especially in ensuring that it maintains an ideal weight. You will also be able to know whether they are ailing, depending on its response during these playful moments.

4. You get to Bond and Relate Better with your Cat

Entertainment sessions are key to a better relation with your cat. If by any case you are not the first owner, you should try hard to bond and relate with it to ensure that it feels comfortable around you. There are many cases whereby they flee back to their previous owners, which is mostly triggered by the treatment they get from their new owners. A good and close relationship with them will ensure that it stays loyal and respectful.

5. Reliefs Stress

Sometimes a little play is all you need to relief the stress you get after a long busy day. You might not have anyone else to play around with, but there is no need to worry; your cat will do the trick. After a session of playing around with them, your stress will be gone, and the cat will be happy, which is a double achievement.

Cats are very special creatures, loved by most people. If you own a pet cat, then there is the need to ensure that it stays happy and entertained. This way, you will ensure that it remains loyal and healthy.

To ensure your cat has a happy and healthy life, schedule an appointment with Camino Seco Pet Clinic for a check-up!

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