Routine Vet Visit: Why Is It So Important?

Are you consistent with your pet’s routine vet visit? Many pet owners only visit their veterinarian when their pet is acting strange or sick, but it is very important that pet owners keep their pets on a routine schedule of visiting the vet. Just like humans, pets need frequent checkups to ensure everything is okay and no further care is needed.

Why are routine vet visits so important? Many pet owners follow a practice of not taking their pet to the vet unless they have a reason to, such as illness, physical injury or some other ailment. This is not the proper way to practice pet health, as routine vet visits not only determine how your pet is progressing in life, but your vet may be able to see issues that you cannot see on the surface. Not only can your veterinarian spot these issues, they can correct and prevent them from further progressing. That is why taking your beloved furry friend in for a general checkup is so important.

What To Expect During A Routine Vet Visit

When going for a general pet checkup, most vets conduct a physical examination. This is usually a “nose-to-tail” checkup, moving along your pet’s entire body to inspect the mouth, paws, skin, coat, eyes, teeth, tail and many other areas.

In addition to the basic physical checkup, a pet’s mouth and teeth are of just as much importance, as 8 out of 10 dogs can be faced with dental problems and the bacteria from the mouth can be carried through the bloodstream and infect other organs. One of the main areas your vet should focus on is the skin and coat of the pet, which is the largest organ of the body, and could show signs of some underlying problem with your pet.

For older pets, it is important to check for signs of conditions such as arthritis, or other joint issues that can inhibit your pet’s agility and ability to get around as they age. Your vet may be able to help with certain issues while you are in the office, but they may also prescribe something to help your pet or recommend a change in diet or an addition of supplements such as omega fatty acids for healthy skin or glucosamine for healthier joints.

Vet visits help your pets have a long, healthy life and make sure they not only maintain their health with proper diet, exercise and supplementation. They also make sure your pets routinely have their health checked by a trusted professional.

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